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Thank you for your quick response and excellent customer service. I will definitely use your site again and will recommend you to other Volvo owners. Thanks, Craig W.

I ordered a lower control arm from your company a few weeks back. The part was extremely late in delivery, as I found out today through no fault on your part. I would like to extend my apologies to your company for the repeated emails I sent regarding the location and eta of my part. It was Canada post that held up the delivery, and I once again apologize for inferring otherwise.This was my first purchase over the internet and I began to get a little apprehensive about my purchase when it was late, because of the stories these days in the media about misrepresentation by vendors over the internet. You company's service was excellent, I can promise that the next time I find myself in need of a part, you will undoubtedly receive my business. I will also extend the recommendation to my colleges at the dealership I work at, which has approximately 200 employees who are all enthusiasts such as myself. Again I'd like to thank you for your excellent service and I look forward to ordering parts from your company in the future, Jeremy.

Amazing service - wow. I got the Mann filters today via UPS ground. I have NEVER had such fast service from ANY online company in the 7 years I have been ordering online. The filters where nicely packaged in the box with shrink wrap and extra padding, i.e. protected etc... Looking forward to changing the oil in the Volvo this Sunday with the proper parts! Getting them in 48 hours - well that is even better. Thanks to all the good folks at "Thevolvosite.com" With your help maybe keeping this car going won't be as hard as I thought. Regards, Ismet

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful part and the quick delivery! I received the part last Wednesday and had the installation done last Thursday and my AC now works like a charm. THANK YOU!!! Vickie M.

The Volvo Brake Booster I ordered on 07/28 12:09:00 PM has arrived, today 29 hours later!! Thank you for the fast and accurate service. L. Murphy

I don't know who to say this to but, that is the BEST SERVICE I have EVER received after ordering something online. I ordered this part yesterday afternoon and it was delivered this morning before you had a chance to send this note. Thank you very much! P. Michael V.

Thank you for your prompt delivery of my order and the convenient website. I was able to order a turn signal and install it without having to go to the expense of paying someone else for labor. Also, I do not have a local Volvo dealer in my area, so your site is even more valuable to me. The photograph of the part was most helpful in making sure I ordered the right part. Thanks again, D. Williford

Thanks so much for your efforts and excellent customer service in locating the parts for our 1994 940 Volvo Station Wagon. Both the corner light and hub cap were just what we needed. You were extremely helpful and courteous, I would not hesitate to recommend someone to you for their Volvo needs, too bad Volvo Corporation itself doesn't take care of it's customers this well, then again, that's why you will be so successful. I applaud you and send our sincere thanks for your efforts, we wish you great success Tony. Sincerely, John W. S.

Thank you- I received the bulb today- installed it and the headlight is now in working order- Thanks for sending the replacement. I am recommending your website to other volvo owners. Debra L.

The part arrived quickly in perfect shape. Thanks for your excellent service. I have bookmarked your site and will refer my many Volvo-owner friends. John B.

Thank you Tony. The part made it here on time and now my AC works great. I just wanted to thank you. Matt M.


Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter! I really like your customer service, it is fast and courteous. A refreshing change from most online shops! J. Bergin

Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your site and found it very user friendly. Thank you for that! I have been all over different sites trying to find a part for my Volvo S80 and it has been a pain in the you know what! Thanks so much for an intelligent site and product availability. Cassie E

Thanks, Tony for the excellent follow up. I will certainly use your site for all my future needs. P. Russell

Wow, What excellent service... I'm dazzled. Thank you very much for your personalized service and attentiveness. I will be in touch, with a 15 year old Volvo that has 300k plus miles it won't be long b4 you hear from me again. Thankx Dennis

Thanks so much. We really like your customer service and will definitely be back. Rich

Thank you for the quick delivery of quality and reasonably priced items. Everything is perfect. Tom J.

Thank you for the excellent service! The parts were on my doorstep when I arrived home last night! I will certainly remember this experience when I need more parts for my 960! John H.

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I received my three Volvo items and am very pleased with them. Jennifer D.

Hey Tony, Thanks for sending the tracking number... yesterday the grill and emblem arrived. Thanks for the prompt, courteous service. I look forward to doing business again with you. Sincerely, Frank F.

Hi Tony, I received the wiper motor next day as promised and installed it shortly after receiving it. The wipers work great and your service was excellent! Thank you Dave L.

Okay Tony - I have a testimonial.....my son found your website and while I was at first skeptical, he convinced me that you guys were legit. Well, not only was I impressed with your pricing ($100 less than the quote I received from the Volvo dealer where my car is usually serviced) but I was really impressed with the delivery. I received the headlight 2 days after placing the order. I will be taking my car in to have the headlight installed, but I really like your service, your follow up and the reliability of ordering from your site. Keep up the good work. This is my 4th Volvo since 1981 and I am a "Volvo for Life" driver. I will definitely be using you guys again. Maisha G. - Chicagoland area

Super service.. part was here when I got home today.. put it on and it is great.. great price! thanks for the super service
Linda B.

Excellent service - arrived today in good shape and all installed. Thank you very much. Rick C.

Excellent service, would recommend you guys. Got the parts today, installed the part and Fuel Pump no longer making noise. David H.

I just received the part of the order today, Job well done, the service is quick and I like the fact that you wanted let me know if I really needed two sets of break pads. I think your service is superb. Peter S.

Tony, Great Service! I received the part a few days ago. Thanks for your help. I had a hard time finding this part locally.
Next time I need parts I'll contact you first. Tom

The parts were received yesterday; I did not expect them until Friday due to the holiday Monday. You were very helpful and I am sure I will be ordering anything I may need in the future from you. Thank you very much – you have been very helpful and prompt! Peggy B.

Thank you for the update. I am quite impressed with your prompt response and service. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Allen M.

I have been very impressed with the efficiency of your online store and how fast you shipped my last item I purchased from you. Navigation of the site is very intuitive and extremely easy to drill down to the exact part you need. I am also impressed with the amount of parts that are available, including photographs of the part being ordered. This feature is very useful when selecting a part you may be unfamiliar with. Finding OEM and/or aftermarket parts is extremely difficult for European cars. Your site provides an easily accessible and searchable way of buying my own parts without having to purchase through the dealership. The headlight lenses I have purchased would of been very expensive and difficult to obtain. According to the dealerships you can not buy just the lens in the States, you have to purchase the entire headlight assembly. Being able to order just the lens has already saved me $300+ dollars. Any item I may need a part for my Volvo will be purchased from the Volvo Site. Regards, Craig B.

I just wanted to let you know that your web site, prices, and service is some of the best I have found on the net. Your site is easy to navigate, the information provided on it is clear as it can be, and it is simple to go through the ordering, billing, and shipping pages. As long as I own a Volvo I will continue to do business with you. Thanks. Steve C.

I just found your website while I was looking for some parts for my S60. What a great site and a huge inventory and variety. The FAQ section is very expansive and just from a quick look I found an answer to a problem that I've had for some time. Thanks for your information and you can bet that "I'll be back"!! Lou E

I think your service is great! I ordered some parts yesterday morning and they are here this afternoon. The order is correct, and the price can't be beat. Thank you, John C.

Quick shipment, great communication, installation was a snap. What I was most impressed with is how quickly you got the part into your catalog after I requested it (less than an hour). Both my father and brother drive newer Volvo’s and I will definitely sing your praises to them! Thanks again. Jason

Service is excellent and prices very competitive. I've received the part right on time. Happy customer.Thank you. Andrea B.

Tony, The parts arrived today! Order on Tuesday and the parts arrive Wednesday. That is very fast. You were right, they were shipped from a nearby warehouse. I will think of you when I need more parts for our Volvo. But right now I need to start a brake job. Jim L.

Service was outstanding, got the order yesterday, and its on the car working great. Thank You Very Much. Bob P.

Stupendous, magnificent, first rate, unbelievable, great. Got the part an hour ago. My car is up and running. Thank you for the speed with which you handled my order. Bill C.

Hello Tony, We received our order yesterday and were very pleasantly surprised to see that the parts were genuine Volvo. Today, we picked up the car from our mechanic after he installed the new rotors and new brake pads. I am extremely pleased with the performance of the new brakes. He was very impressed with the price I paid for the parts and asked for contact information so he could pass it along to his other customers. I gladly provided him with your website address. I would like you to know that I appreciate your quick and knowledgeable response to my questions and that I am especially pleased with the expeditious handling and delivery of my order (with the correct parts, I might add). This is my second order from you and both times I received the same courteous, prompt, professional service that I believed was non-existent through internet businesses. Dealing with someone that knows what they're doing and obtaining quality parts is of utmost importance. Getting those quality parts at a very attractive price with great shipping is more than a person can reasonably hope for, yet you have found a way to fulfill that dream. In the future, I will always check at your site first before looking elsewhere for parts that I need. Thanks for providing a valuable service. Sincerely, David

I am absolutely, totally amazed at how fast the part for the 1990 Volvo got to me!!!! I never had anything that arrived that fast... what an outstanding job you did. thank you. M.E.

Thank you for you timely response. This is the first time I used you web site.The service is great. Vince W.

Tony: Everything was perfect!, I rcvd. all the correct parts. I just had them all installed today. The fog lamp kit was perfect and complete. It did include both the same and large switch. My 2002 specifically needed the small switch as that year had the other large space for the elec fuel door release. If I did not have the fuel door release, I would have used the large fog light switch. You competitor was selling the same kit for a few $$ more, PLUS he said for 2002 only S-60's you needed the special fog light switch which would have be the small one and he wanted an additional $100+ !!!!!!
I am highly pleased w/ your professional, courteous, honest and quick service, plus nobody beat your prices! Thanks! Thomas H.

Replacement arrived yesterday. A++ to you and VOLVOSITE for processing the order quickly and getting me a replacement equally as quickly. It is quite nice to work with such a competent and professional group. William, B.

Thank you guys very much for your prompt response, and handling the problem with utter professionalism. I will certainly be looking forward to doing business with you again. Thanks, Richardo C.

Your pricing and shipping are great! Communication too! I have three running RWD Volvos so I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again!! Jon M.

I just want to say thanks for your prompt service and your website is great. I'm a Captain in the US Army and I'm currently based in South Korea. Getting service done on my volvo (with american specs) is a nightmare but your speedy service and customer care has made this process a lot easier for me.
Thank you very much. Keith

Tony, You guys are terrific, I will use your services again and again Thanks Dave