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Coolant Leaking Inside of the Engine

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Internal coolant leaks can be very harmful to your engine and can lead to engine failure if not taken care of very quickly.
The way to tell if you have an Internal coolant leak would be by your coolant level dropping with no signs of it on the ground. You can check by inspecting your oil. If the oil has a milky white tent to it then you have an internal coolant leak.
Coolant leaks as such would be a cylinder head gasket being blown, you can usally tell this by the oil having the milky white tent to it and also having an excess amount of condinsation in the tail pipe(s). This can cause lots of problems if not taken care of as soon as possible, it could possibly bust pistons, bend rods, and cause the cylinder sleeve to bust due to the little bit of capacity that the cylinder already has and having the extra coolant filling that up and when the piston come up it has no where to go on an intake stroke and thats when stuff bends and bust.
Another place it could be leaking from is the cylinder head if it is cracked. Most of the time a cracked cylinder head comes from overheating an engine.

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