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Routine Maintenance Schedules

[Volvo 122, 140, 160, 240, 260, 740, 760, 780, 850, 940, 960, C70, P1800, S40, S60, S60R, S70, S80, S90, V40, V50, V70 2.3Liter Turbo 2WD, V70 2.3Liter Turbo AWD, V70 2.4Liter Turbo 2WD, V70 2.4Liter Turbo AWD, V70 2.4L non-Turbo, V70 2.5Liter non-Turbo, V70 2.5Liter Turbo 2WD, V70 2.5Liter Turbo AWD, V70R, V90, XC70, XC90]

The following are times or miles that a car should be checked over on certain things.

Weekly, 250 miles, or before a long journey check:
Tire pressure and inspect tires
Engine oil level
Coolant Level
Brake Fluid Level
Top up Washer reservoir
Inspect Engine Bay and Under vehicle for leaks
Check function of lights, horn, wipers, ect

At every 6000 miles or six months check:
Replace engine oil and filter (if the car is daily driven or driven hard the oil needs to be changed at every 3000 miles or 3 months)
Power steering fluid level
Coolant antifreeze concentration
Replace Spark Plugs
Inspect battery
Check Idle speed and CO level
Inspect tires thoroughly

At every 12,000 miles or 12 months check: (additional to work listed for 6,000 miles)
Operation of power brake booster
Handbrake adjustment
Automatic transmission selector adjustment
Grease hood hinges
Front wheel bearing adjustment
Security and condition of steering and suspension components
Brake pad wear
Brake Lines and hoses
Bolts and nuts on trailing arms, control arms, strut and steering gear fasteners, and front axle crossmember bolts
Clutch adjustment
Transmission oil level
Inspect driveshaft, center bearing and universal joints
Condition and security of exhaust system
Rear axle oil level
Condition of fuel lines
Condition of underseal and paintwork
In-line fuel filter
Condition and tension of accessory drivebelts
Inspect distributor cap, rotor and HT leads
Turbo boost pressure switches (if applicable)
Turbo tamperproof seal on wastegate and actuator rod
Operation of kickdown cable (automatic transmission) and adjust if necessary

At every 24,000 miles or two years check: (additional to the 6,000 and 12,000 checks)
Replace Automatic transmission fluid
Replace fuel filter
Replace air filters
Clean any crankcase hoses, flame trap, ect
Check Valve Clearences
Perform a compression test
Replace coolant
Replace brake fluid by bleeding

At every 48,000 miles or four years check: (in addition to 6,000 mile 12,000 mile and 24,000 mile checks)
Replace camshaft drivebelt

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