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About the Volvo 160

[Volvo 160]

The Volvo 164 was manufactured by Volvo Cars beginning in late 1968 for the 1969 model year.

The company built 146,008 examples before production ended in 1975. Introduced with a faux wood dashboard, a six cylinder engine and an optional leather interior, the 164 represented Volvo's first venture into the luxury segment.

The 164 was powered by a 3-litre OHV straight 6 cylinder engine, the B30, which was a 6-cylinder derivative of the proven B20 4-cylinder engine that powered most other Volvo models.The 164 was the first 6 cylinder equipped Volvo in 10 years, since the PV800 series ceased production in 1958. 1969-1971 models were equipped with dual Zenith Stromberg 175CD2SE constant-depression carburetors.

In 1972, Bosch's first volume-production electronic fuel injection system, D-Jetronic, was offered as optional equipment. Carburetors were dropped and "D-Jet" became standard equipment for the 1973 model year. Cars equipped with the fuel injection were badged as 164E models, the "E" standing for einspritzung (German for fuel injection). Like other fuel-injected Volvos, the 164E models gave improved performance and driveability with less-toxic exhaust emissions than their
carbureted counterparts. The D-Jetronic system, however, was not renowned for fuel economy or easy hot-engine restarts.

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