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Code P1633

[Volvo S80]

Code P1633

Very likely there is problem with the ABS Module

On Nov 20 2008, david_raisner@genpt.com wrote:
Car Info: 2000 S80Topic: Electrical (show all)In metro Atlanta, we are required to pass an emission inspection to get ouryearly tags.My 2000 S-80 has two codes which are causing the emmission inspection toFAIL.P1330P1633My ODBII does not list these as stored codes and I have no other codes.My check engine light, brake problem light, ABS problem light, STC problemlight and sometimes my oil pressure problem lights all come on and go offat varying intervals.The car runs like a charm, although the lights can be disconcerting attimes.The Volvo dealership cannot determine the problem but want me to spendseveral thousand dollars to correct whatever they can't determine theproblem is.My local mechanic, who has worked on my cars (mostly Volvos) for 30 yearsis researching a "fix". I am trying to help him.


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